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In Search Of Marco Polo

Marco Polo poster

In Search Of Marco Polo is 8 episode documentary

Water Treasure of Croatia


Documentary series created by Miro Andric famous marine photographer and author.

Momentum studio – Motion Design Showreel


Motion design work we had pleasure to create.

Collection by Franck

Collection by Franck

Created for Grupa Ultima presenting the new line of designer cups by Franck. Our idea was to present making of a cup in a interesting way. Going from dust to final shape. Sort of how an idea grows in an artist (designer) head. First its loose and undefined and then step by step its shape develops in to its final form.

Novatech promo opener

Novatech promo opener

Novatech promo opener is a stylish animation that needed to be both scientifically accurate (to some degree) and visually elegant. Its used as an opener for this high tech research company.

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