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TIN – 30 year voyage

Tin Ujevic Title Horizontal

our-part docu-drama recreating life events of Croatia’s famous poet Augustin Tin Ujevic

The Republic

The Republic logo

Fantastic new documentary series by the director of Croatian Kings – Bozidar Domagoj Buric…While most of the film productions use this great city as a beautiful stage this series main actor and the leading role is the great city of Dubrovnik.

Number 55

Broj 55 poster

Powerful movie revolving around dark times of war and true bravery of heart.

Segrt Hlapic the movie


wonderful movie about a little boy, an apprentice shoemaker that goes in to a world of adventure.

MOMENTUM STUDIO making of Collection 2014


Collection of technical breakdowns done on various projects.

Children of Fall

Djeca jeseni poster

Children of Fall serious drama that wont leave you untouched directed by Goran Rukavina, produced by Corvus Film. Directors vision was to have a MIG 21 airplain flyover for dramatic impact and flavor to the scene. We delivered as soon as he said MIG.

Sonja and the Bull

Sonja and the bull poster

Our work needed to be invisible and help create anxiety while keeping everybody safe.

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