Augmented Reality – Juraj Dalmatinac Virtual Guide


We are very honored, proud and happy that UNWTO has recognized and rewarded our project. Here are some web links of the event:

Thank you all :-)

16.05.2013. In front of st. Jakov cathedral (Sibenik, Croatia) we presented Juraj Dalmatinac 3D  virtual guide (creator of this historical building recognized by UNESCO) Its the first project of that kind in Croatia connecting education and tourism. 3D model was designed and built by Boris based to some small degree on sculpture by great Ivan Meštrović and lots of period paintings. Character proved to be right on the target as people early on recognized hem as true citizen of Sibenik. The system is based on Aurasma platform and proved to be real fun to use. Interest for this project was VERY positive so we got invitation to hold a small presentation/lecture on MIPRO 2013. We did all our presentations and testing on whole range of Samsung mobile devices (Galaxy S3, S4, Note 8, Note 10.1, Google Nexus) and they performed better then great!
All we can say is that with all this new tech in our hands more and more interactive art is coming out. Augmented reality is the new everyday reality.

Here are some images from testing phase and the presentation both in Sibenik and MIPRO.