Arena 2013 3D video mapping

60th Pula Film Festival opening night show. 3D video mapping on the walls of the Arena. This was part of a larger program all orchestrated by the event agency Organizacija ( and our friends Pali Gasi (
Great program contrast in this historic event. While most of the program was an homage to movie stars and great artists of the past this was like glimpse to the future saying this Arena will still stand in the centuries to come and connect generations of movie makers.

Some technical facts:
- In total 4 Cinema projectors covering over 90m of projection space (Arena is so BIG!)
- Full 2K resolution for every projector
- Pandoras Box Server to run it all in real time
- 3D scan of the Arena building was kindly provided to us by Vektra Varaždin ( Thank you Zlatan!)
- For central screen character (we called it the Riddler) Xbox Kinect was used for motion capture
- Final video was created using various 3D and 2D techinques